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We offer more than just Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Let’s face it, there are thousands of web marketing companies out there who will promise you the earth but deliver nothing – tell you they can get you listed on the first page of Google but fail miserably, and the reason? Simply because they do not know your business or the best way to market your industry specific products.

Office Supplies Online Marketing & SEO
Office Supplies Online Marketing & SEO

Contrary to what most people believe to work, there’s much more to it than simply tweaking keywords and product descriptions. Unfortunately, these days achieving consistent results can’t be obtained by this method any longer.

Putting your trust in the marketing services offered by SEO companies who at the end of the day know little about the office products and service you provide are unlikely to get the results your company is striving for. It would be like asking a dentist to give you an eye test. He is not a specialist in the field so not likely to be of much use.

Other popular alternatives include PPC (Pay Per Click) – you can spend thousands of pounds to drive traffic to your website, however, this can prove to be a very costly form of advertising, because the low click to purchase ratio means you are not guaranteed a sale through each click.

The best and most cost effective method by far, is to get listed within the natural searches that Google provide. Anyone can be listed in the PPC results and it doesn’t take any great skill to do this, but only companies who work hard to strive for a good online presence appear in the natural listings, and in turn inspires confidence in your brand to the new online visitors that come your way.

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We have used numerous website optimisation services from many companies and in most cases our search engine results got worse rather than improving. Craig actually took the time to go through the process of what needed to be done to improve things so we got a really good understanding of how to get our website Continue Reading

Office Supplies Dealer South Wales March 2, 2016

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