Fresh and unique content is without doubt the key for any top performing website, however creating articles and good content can be overwhelming and yes, even tedious.

You will never achieve first page search engine positions on Google without regularly adding new articles and information to your website. Your site will certainly never be found if you are not creating articles about your own niche, office supplies.

The office supplies sector has been in my blood for over 20 years and whether I’ve been delivering them, selling them, marketing them or building office supplies websites for them. I have a great knowledge of the subject and how to promote them in the right way.


It goes without saying that every article has to be optimised for Google; this is applied to each article that is created, giving you unique, researched, well written content for your website.

It is extremely important that the content you use on your website is 100% unique to you. Google use exceptionally complex applications that will see even if a single sentence has been duplicated from elsewhere. However, in addition they reward websites who use unique copy. To get a web site to do well within internet searches, custom content composed especially for your own company, product or service is critical for success.