Duplicate content? Don’t pay the penalty

Getting great results in Google is difficult enough as there are so many office supplies websites all competing for high ranking positions, so once you have created your content it is extremely important you ensure all your hard work has not been in vain. In a nutshell, duplicate content is where content found on your website can be found duplicated on your website or on other websites across the Internet.

The biggest hurdle an online office supplies dealer encounters with regards to duplicate content, are the products themselves. If you think about it, whether you are a Spicers or Vow dealer, the chances are you will be using the standard data set which they provide, this includes the product name and product description. Unfortunately, this is being used by many of your competitors, hence duplicate content.

Great Google listings for your office products

Google wants the best possible visitor experience for their users. To make this possible, they need to produce relevant results which best relates to the search term entered into their website. Search engines including Google will very rarely show web pages which are duplicated, so they are forced to choose what they believe is the version which likely to be the original and the best.

You can see more about Google’s stance on duplicate content here


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