Landing Pages

Landing pages are specially crafted web pages that are highly optimised to help sell or promote your product or service.

If you are currently using Spicers or Vow, the list of products you’re displaying on your website is identical to all the other dealers who are also completing for the same business. In short, there is nothing unique about your site that sets you aside from the rest.

Google will not promote your site up the rankings if you have nothing to offer its visitors that they haven’t got already, so you need to do something different.

You have various options to overcome this; you can either build or have built a custom office supplies website which will allow you more control over your products, or you can build landing pages for individual or grouped product listings.

Improve Your Google Adwords ROI

Landing pages work particularly well if you use Google Adwords campaigns. Rather than your visitor being directed to a page listing many products, you can tailor your results to give your potential customers exactly what they are looking for, why would they need to go anywhere else?

Your landing page should give them more information, maybe displaying additional images and videos, latest manufacturer information and special offers, or maybe even a discount code to tempt your visitor into buying from you.

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