Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation also known as SEO has now become vital for any office supplies website looking to boost their market share in the office product sector. Google are constantly updating their search indexing algorithm, and this in itself makes the whole process much more demanding. It takes considerable expertise for any SEO provider to stay in sync with the hottest SEO trends. If you’re looking to build up the visitors and need help optimising your office supplies site here are just a few pointers of why you should be looking at us.

Search Engine Optimisation

Content is and always will be KING

One of the most useful facets of SEO is optimising content, the top search engines like Google are simply content centric. This suggests a website without optimized content stands not much chance of performing in the results with any of the search engines.

Know your onions

A very  important aspect you require to gain any kind of web presence is content.  Choosing a search optimisation company who know nothing about your business would be very risky. To do their job well they will need to create great content about the services you provide, and more importantly the products you sell. It would be difficult for them to write about products they know very little about.

Google in particular run comprehensive search algorithms and can pick up on articles written by ‘specialists in their field’. It can find ‘keywords’ and ‘linked keywords’ that only experienced publishers in their own sector, in this case office supplies, would tend to use.

The link in the chain

As part of our Search Engine package we offer it all, and yes there is much more to it than content. The next stage is getting traffic to Google, they need to know where you are. In the past, you simply submitted your website address (URL) to Google and they would index your site, things have moved on quite considerably since then.

Now it’s all about back links. Google will base the overall authority of your site on the links that point to it. So, the more relevant links you have linking back to you the better your presence will be online.

If you have any questions on this or any of the services we offer, please get in touch.